Summer 2019 season


From July 15 to September 2
Time 1: 6-8pm // Time 2: 8-10pm


DSC’s Axe League offers two different time slots: the first from 6-8pm and the second from 8-10pm.  Collect a team of four, and get ready to square off against 11 other teams.

Each team member will throw at least 40 competitive throws per night. The score for each throw will be tallied, recorded, and later released on our website.  Scores will be ranked in two ways: 1) as an overall team score, and 2) on an individual basis. Players aren’t necessarily ranked on who throws against who, but rather are scored by each player’s skill at hitting the bullseye.

Throughout the Summer League, teams will compete in 7 weeks of throwing. The 8th and final week will feature individual playoffs and will culminate with the crowning of the champion at the awards party. The winning team will be awarded their own X, and will achieve ultimate glory in our axe lanes by having their name added to our Axe Trophy of Champions.

League Registration Cost
The cost for a season of axe throwing is $100 + tax per person.  

Axe Throwing League Registration
Sign ups for the Summer Axe Throwing League will begin on Thursday, June 13.
Registration is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

To register, click the buttons below, corresponding to your desired time slot. Note: you will need your teammates’ names and shirt sizes to complete the registration form.


DSC Axe League: The Nitty Gritty

Ages 21+

Warm Up

  • Report to the appropriate range when your name is called out and wait for your opponent.

  • Players are allowed three practice throws before the first match and 1 thereafter.

Game Time

  • Tap axes, signaling the end of gameplay and start of the match.

  • A match consists of 10 throws, 5 in each lane of your range. After your first 5 throws, tap axes, switch lanes, and complete your final 5 throws. Whoever has the highest score of the 10 throws is the winner.

  • On the 5th and 10th throw, players can call for the “Ringer” shot.  The player who is in the lead on those shots throws first. If the score is tied, the player on the left throws first.

  • In the event of a tie, a sudden-death throw-off will take place until a winner is decided. Points are not counted towards total score of the match for sudden death.  Players must throw at the same time on the count Ready-3-2-1-Throw. The “Ringer” shot is active on this throw but does not need to be called.

Point System

  • Active points

    • Bullseye - 6 points

    • 2nd ring - 4 points

    • 3rd ring - 3 points

    • 4th ring - 2 points

    • 5th ring - 1 point

    • Blue dots / Ringer shot - 10 points

  • The “Ringer” shot is only available on the 5th and 10th throws, as well as in the event of sudden death.  In which case, your axe coach will prepare you with a “Ready, 3-2-1-Throw!” If axes are not thrown at relatively same time, the person who’s axe reaches the board first wins the match and the late thrower will be given “0” points. The same rule is put in play should the axe be thrown before the coach says: “Throw!”  Either way, the thrower who is not at fault is given the option to rethrow their throw.

  • Your regular season rank is based on points scored with wins & losses being the tie breaker.

  • If the axe sticks in-between two different points, the higher point is awarded.  The axe just needs to break the paint of the higher point to be awarded.

  • Similarly, the axe only needs to break the paint of the “Ringer” shot to be awarded points for the achievement.


  • Throwers are only allowed to throw one or two handed overhead and the axe must complete one full rotation.


  • If your team is not in attendance, you will be forfeited for the night.


  • League players may only use DSC house axes.